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Jul 13, 2017 createElement('a'); link.href = data;"file.pdf";; I had to set timeout for firefox to fix it, ref: But instead of a url to fetch I have a Base64 string to use! Feb 18, 2018 Ben Nadel looks at the HTML5 Anchor "download" attribute, which can get the user to Run this demo in my JavaScript Demos project on GitHub. Credit: The JSON data payload includes both formatted and base64 for each cert. Jan 28, 2019 Return the Base64 file representation back, so you can upload the file to a Creates a PDF using a URL, it download the document into an in Due to javascript functions hoisting you can declare them afterwards as here: /** @see  May 8, 2012 This post details how you can convert an image to canvas and convert a canvas back to an image. Print.js is a tiny javascript library to help printing from the web. for users to open or download the PDF files, and instead, they just need to print them.